The Success Spiral

The Success Spiral

Are you ready to learn the secrets of The Success Spiral™ and how it can help you on your journey towards success now?

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What is Success? How can you reach it?

These two questions drive much of our lives. They fuel our inquiry and exploration of what we want and value and what we think of as success and being successful. They also drive us to learn, grown and develop and if we’re lucky have extraordinary positive experiences.

However for many people for a lot of the time, the gap between their experience of themselves and their lives and what they decide is success for them is massive and often feels like a journey they can’t complete.

The Success Spiral™ is we hope the key to enjoying the journey.. and much more than that.

You can download and read this report for free right now and it will take less than 15 minutes.

An Introduction to The Success Spiral™

Have you ever noticed that some people are in “Flow” as they journey towards Success?

From finances to relationships, opportunities to connections, things seem to come easily and their success seems magical and inevitable.

Rather than moving in a linear straight line predictable 9 to 5 manner.. some people move through their lives with ease and “luck” like dolphins surfing the flow.

Maybe you’ve even experienced that yourself from time to time?

Myself and my partners have spent decades becoming connected, spending time with, modelling and discussing with exceptional people who produce Success. People whose results I personally find miraculous from philanthropic billionaires, to award winning musicians, sports super stars to entrepreneurs that produce global change.

The Success Spiral™ is the key that seemed to underpin them all, and ever since I came across this idea I’ve been astounded at how simple and subtle it is, but also how pervasive and important.

You can’t work with and master something you don’t know about, and I look back and realize how much I missed in the days before I was aware of The Success Spiral™. and what excites me is what is now possible for us all now once we use what we learn from inquiring into The Success Spiral™.

Wouldn’t you like to release your fullest potential? Learn how to Surf your way to Success to and navigate the twists and turns you know will come up?

I’ve produced a report that I’d love to give you access to on The Success Spiral™ which sets out a theory, a philosophy, and repeated point of view, which you can experiment, build, test and use. It’s also part of a suite of inquiry, education and development that I, with my partners (including those from Strategic Alchemy™), have developed for family, friends, partners and clients to support us on our journey to enlightened success. (See

The Success Spiral Download

N.B. The password to unlock the report is SUCCESS

Sometimes in life, it can feel like we’re in the flow moving with purpose, “destiny” and things are happening almost magically. At other times, it feels like we’re fighting against everything, that we’ve taken the wrong turn, and that there is nothing more we can do. Right now I would suggest that you have been brought here in flow – “Everything Happens for a Reason”.

So, now we’re about to inquire into The Success Spiral™ and I hope this introduction, or re-remembering, brings you many aha moments now and in the future, and more time spent in flow.

So with that said all you need to do is just enter your information in the form on the right above, so we know where to send your report, then click “Get Instant Access”, then complete the simple email confirmation process and you’ll be given access to the report straight away.

Enjoy and experience fully our introduction to The Success Spiral™.

To Our Success,


Simon Hedley FCA | Strategic Alchemist

Remember it is The Simple Idea™ that can make The Difference™

The Password to unlock the report is SUCCESS

The Success Spiral Download

N.B. The password to unlock the report is SUCCESS


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5 Steps to Success

  • Show Up

  • Pay Attention

  • Ask Questions

  • Make Suggestions

  • Take All Out Massive Action NOW - Where relevant to you

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The Success Spiral Download

N.B. The password to unlock the report is SUCCESS